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Attending the ritual for the Morrigan

I often hide behind the mantle of being a kitchen witch – I play with herbs, dabble in the tarot, talk with the fairies and the cats, work mostly on intuition or gut. Mostly I just like sitting around contemplating the universe and where I fit in, sipping a cup of tea and baking some bread. There is hidden deep within a small part of me that really like ritual. It can be fun to put one together even more enjoyable to attend one that you didn’t have to create or run.

There were at least four large group rituals during Mystic South. Regrettable I only made it to one. Time, nervousness around strange people many excuses

We did manage to attend A Gathering of Ravens ritual hosted by John Beckett a ritual for the Morrigan.

I am not going to share too many details of the ritual, it’s not my ritual to share. The Denton group put a considerable amount of work into their ritual. I am happy to share the highlights and moments that stuck out for me.

They started by leading a centering and grounding ritual about each of us being a tree and intertwining our branches and roots. I thought it was a great way to ground, center, focus the group and create a nice circle.

A more formal circle was called as well as elemental quarters, a welcoming of the ancestors and the land spirits. This calling of the ancestors and land spirits were both new to me. I felt my ancestors right away. Land spirits was something new to me, phrasing wise. At first, I assumed it was the local fae spirits but fae isn’t always the right word to use when describing the spirits of a place. I don’t know who came up with the term land spirits but bless you because it was a phrase I didn’t know I was needed until Friday night. What a great way to genuinely start to understand the spirits of a place and to start to identity the different types of spirits in a place. After the land spirits there were still more to call the seely and the Morrigan herself.

Oh, the room was full!

The rituals focus was on her raven aspect where offerings were made to her in wine or juice.

This was my first-time meeting Morrigan. I did struggle, among the Greeks there isn’t really an equivalent that I could meld with. Hekate is more the guardian, wise-woman and teacher, Persephone queen and guide for souls, Hades warrior mage …maybe perhaps Demeter when she’s in mourning searching for her daughter Kore would come close to the energy I felt from the Morrigan during this ritual. She felt like the joy, the insanity, the pleasure, the pain, the confusion, the fear, the madness, the release and the bliss that comes at the moment of death. I have to say I am glad I had my ancestors at my back at that moment and strangely enough Ganesha at the ready with an army at his side.

Once everyone made their offering, we all drank everyone was invited to leave and circle was opened.

My takeaway will be to learn more about the Morrigan. I’ve worked with Danu for years and just realized that the Morrigan was one of the Tuatha de Danaan. I’m going to assume there are more of the Tuatha de Danaan that I will learn about. My ancestors, the ghost warriors, defiantly an area I need to study and lastly why Ganesha? Why would a creator god remover of obstetrical show up to me in this type of ritual?

If y’all have any insight I would love to hear about it. What are your experiences with the Morrigan?

Off to make some tea and maybe some bread and ponder the universe.

Wonder and awe



Mystic South

Coyvere and I got to attend Mystic South this past weekend. If you are not familiar it’s a pagan conference held in Atlanta, this was there second year and I’m already looking for their third year to come around. It helped get me motivated in magic and pagan studies. So many good ideas, workshops and lectures. One that I’m writing about this morning has to do with the Shredding of the Veil. While we didn’t discuss WHY it’s happening we did talk about how and when it has personally happened to us.  I see now the value in sharing these stories with people of when something magical, fantastical, awe inspiring happens to us it validate us and helps us to create a language we can speak to one another. When we share our stories people recognize these events as unique and magical we don’t have to let our rational brains take over and rationalize the magic away.

I have two short stories to share with you and I would love to hear your stories in return.

The firs was a dream I had just a few night ago. I can hear you say Nettle a dream really? Yes a dream because dreams we travel and in dream gods, ancestors and fae can speak with us. Most of us dream and most of us know when a dream has a bit of extra splash in. This dream was just a few nights ago. My youngest daughter and I were outside our new house with a pregnant little mama cat wandered up to us. She was beautiful a bright orange with spots kind of like a leopard or cheetah, She was weak and unhealthy and you could tell in her coat she was orange but I knew that if she was healthy she would glow.  She proceeded to have twelve adorably brightly colored but equally ill kittens. She had a black kitten with a full lions mane and little tiger kittens with green and pink stripes.  We were able to care for and cuddle the kittens nursing them back to health and glowingly- ness.

For me standard dream interpretation wouldn’t really work – cause dream interpretation on a good day is any which way your unconscious is trying to tell you something, Your brain is thing to help you learn something. I quick internet scan on  sick or ill  kittens tells me anything from  represent troubles ahead ( the more kittens the more small problems ahead), that I shouldn’t trust people around me, or that I’m being too catty or judgmental or that I need to listen to my intuition. There were hundred of pages each with a different interpretation

I’m going with trust your intuition which says there are fae in the area and they are hurting and i have the ability to help. If that is offering energy to them I can do that, it maybe offering sanctuary or creating a safe place for them to rest. I can do that. It may be leaving bread and honey for them at my backdoor. I’ll give all three a try given that in the dream we were able to bring them to health lets me know I do have the ability and skills to make that happen.  The fae are active even here in this hot swamp of a city.

The second magical event I wanted to share was during a summer solstice camping trip. It was an annual event to go canoeing and camping over the weekend closes to summer solstice when we lived in the Ozarks. What better way is there to celebrate the sun  than playing in water and camping? We always did a ritual around our campfire and then just enjoyed being outside as the sun set. This particular year as it started to get dark we notices a large number of fireflies in the area. A large number for those of you west of the Rockies is oh say twenty or thirty flashing in your backyard or campground. Fireflies. also will leave space their light flashing is both communication and a mating dance, so unless they are mating you don’t see them usually hanging out side by side. During that evening we had fifty to a hundred just around our fire and tents. One of our companions noticed that they were in groups flying off deeper into the woods. She went of to investigation and came back all excited. She then lead us just a few hundred feet into the woods to this tree covered in thousands of fireflies. The tree was so bright with them it was hard to look upon. It was all breath taking and to this day stands out bright (no pun intended) in my mind as a unique event. We have gone back to that camp site many time and have not had a repeat of the magical firefly tree.

I caught a firefly

Go forth my friends and embrace the wonder and awe in this world and the one through the veil. I would so love to hear your stories and to share.



Valerian Root is Mellow

Valerian Root is a well know herbal treatment for anxiety. It has a calming and mellowing effect on the mind and is often used in sleeping brews.

It was not a shock, then, to see the same absorptive effect present with most of the planetary energies, although on occasion the effect also enhanced certain aspects of the energies in surprising ways!

Valerian’s strongest effect is in the moon. The attenuating and diffusing effect it has on other energies is actual enhancing of moon and dream energy. As reflected energy itself, the moon’s energy is clarified and enhanced with Valerian, protecting the user from emotions and energies that might otherwise disturb dreams and sleep. The user’s moon is strengthened against outside influences, allowing safe and informative dreaming.

The two most negative aspects of Valerian were in the Sun and Saturn.  In the sun, Valerian allows the absorption of greater amounts of energy, pulling it more deeply and diffusing it into the mind, but it does not attenuate the heat. In this way, the use of Valerian in solar work can enhance it, but it creates both a danger of burning out and the possibility of dependence. Use more Valerian, pull more energy, yes? But them burn, baby, burn.

In Saturn, in the dark spectrum of energy, energies are diverted into deep wells and away from our awareness, and so the use of Valerian is subtractive to Saturnine energy. Depending on your relationship with Saturn and the underworld, you may find more properties and effects hidden here 🙂

For those who simply want to play, try Valerian when engaging in the practices of Venus.  While intensity may be diminished, depth is enhanced. If you enjoy cooking your food slowly and sensually in such a way that the subtle flavors are enhances, Valerian may be just the right spice for a well planned meal

Valerian Root

Rank Planet Property Power
1 Moon Additive Promote fertile and active dreaming, protects the house of the mind, reveals the golden riches of the Moon
2 Mars Additive Balances and attenuates the power of Mars, allows a steady and balanced ‘burn’ of Martian energy
3 Venus Additive Calms ardor but deepens sensuality
4 Mercury Neutral Essentially Valerian root is invisible to Mercury. Little effect on pure Mercurian energy
5 Jupiter Subtractive Blunts Jupiterian energy, saps the desire to command
6 Sun Subtractive Absorbs and diffuse Sun energy, grounds it, acts as a ‘surge protector.’ Allows over-use of solar energy, addictive.
7 Saturn Subtractive Blunts and diverts Saturnine and underworld energies. Has secret effects.


well, damn.

I hate sounding whiny. I really really hate to bitch, moan, and complain about things that happen in my life, especially things that concern TPTB. But I’m going to do a wee bit of the aforementioned anyway. You have been warned.

A few of you know about my problems with the alfar. I won’t go too deeply into it, for fear of boring everyone, but lately I’ve been wanting to lay the problem in it’s grave. It occurred to me that the Alf might have real reason to be pissed at me, despite my total lack of memory on the subject. So I got out the pendulum and asked Loki if I had, in truth, met this alf. He said that I had. When did this occur? Was it when I was a child running in the woods? Not then. Was it when I was an older child, running in a different wood? Yes. But I don’t remember! I wailed. It happened, Loki said.

I gave it some thought. Yes, I should have done this before, but I was so sure that I hadn’t met anyone that I didn’t consider the other times when my memories and emotions had been tampered with.  I presume that this is one more example. At that age I was looking for a teacher, and if one had appeared I would have been thrilled. I certainly wouldn’t have spurned any offer of instruction, and I was totally innocent of any knowledge about the fae. They could have asked me for just about anything and I would have been on it like a duck on a June bug. Fifty years later, I shudder to imagine what they could have talked me into.

In fact, right now my stomach is roiled by the thought of what I might have promised.

So, Someone decided to remove that encounter from my conscious memory. Ensuring that later down the road I’d be in deep kimchi with the fae, totally sure that it was a misunderstanding at best and an outright lie at worst. Why not interfere before the encounter, if that Someone had my best interests at heart? Why not stop me before I made rash promises?  Is it the same Someone who erased the memory of the spell I decided to attempt, yet left me the conversation that led up to the erasure? Who the fuck IS this?

And why won’t anyone tell me who it is?

Now I have to make amends without committing myself to something I find distasteful. I have to admit that the Alfar have reason to be angry with me. Damn I hate to be in the wrong!

I’m Baack!

Sorry for the long hiatus! We arrived here in gorgeous green Oregon the beginning of April, and immediately set about searching for a purchasing a new rv. Since it’s our home, we spent a whole day looking at toy haulers and fifth wheels, and finally made our choice. We purchased a 2017 Spartan toy hauler, a 1434X to be precise. It’s 41 ft long, which makes it 6 ft longer than our Cameo. But it has a nice bedroom with separate closets, a separate bathroom with his and hers medicine cabinets, a kitchen with a real panty and big refrigerator , and the microwave is low enough for me to see inside, a big island with room for my pots and pans, a fireplace, and in the garage I have a stacked washer and dryer! Whee!

At the moment I also have a number of boxes that need somewhere for their contents to go, and outside I have two shelving units to assemble and position before I can empty said boxes and get them out of the way.  and one half of a cat door installed. This has been a wearing shake-down cruise, and for a brand new unit it has problems. The fridge leaks, the vent in the garage opens but doesn’t turn on, there’s an intermittent tapping noise from the wall behind the pantry, and the DVD player keeps telling us to set the park brake and won’t let Wayne watch any dvds until he does so. Of course, this unit doesn’t HAVE a park brake, so the company said that it’s been miswired. Have to get that fixed. And the water pump isn’t working. When they delivered the unit they scraped the bottom on a dip in the road, and cracked the hitch cover as well. So we have to bring it in on 26 June for a few days to get all the problems fixed. That means I have to find a pet friendly place for us to stay for a week.

We’re also in the throes of buying a used diesel truck to pull it, our Chevy 3500 being gas and not rated for this heavy a load. So yah, we’re up to our chins in debt again. But we’ll pay it off in 5 years, with some economy. That’s my mundane life right now.

Magically speaking, I’m assuring the deities I’ve promised a separate shrine to that it will happen just as soon as everything is cleared away and in its place, so I have room to decide where to site the shrines. Bast has graciously allowed me twice to visit with my beloved Hai Qui, for which I am grateful. Everyone else has been quiet. I’ve decided to try to find a mediator to resolve this problem I have with the fae – I don’t want to escalate this into open warfare by returning their attacks, but I also don’t want to let them continue to try to destroy me. Mostly, I just want peace between us. I’ve enlisted the aid of Bth Wodanis, for advice and readings, and she steered me to Elizabeth Vongvisith, who did a rune reading and made some suggestions.  One of which was to make nice with my Disir, who would be able to mediate for me. I am reluctant to bring out the Big Guns (deities) unless this fails. So I’m going to make a small shrine for them, offer something homey, and try to get their help before I put out a peace offering in a park for the fae I’ve offended.  I really think that agreeing to work with them would be a mistake – I’m too prone to speak my mind, and they’re too prone to take offense where none is meant. This whole mediation thing should be interesting.

Totem mussing

According to family mythology my first words were “Oh Oh Look Oh see Bunny!”

I personally have no recollection of this but it’s something my mom remembers with great joy.  A story she loves to share with everyone. Bunnies, rabbits were a part of my childhood. I won a glass rabbit that I have cherished for years in a carnival game when I was a young child in Germany. I love the book Watership Down even though it makes me cry every time time I read it. Beatrix Potters Peter Rabbit oh still a love in my life. Where I first remember wanting black berries and cream and chamomile tea.  I had an couple of evil pet bunnies when my family was homesteading in the land of the great white north. The kind that ate their babies, I still have a scar from when they scratched me.They ended my love affair with rabbits and bunnies.

Flash forward many years and I’m studying about totems and totem animals. By that time in my life I was a young parent and all about cats, tigers, panthers any of those big ones and of coarse our small family friends.   I had always felt the strong presents of a large spirit cat that I had just accepted as a guardian. I was pretty sure that when we did the ritual my  totem animal was going to be a cat.

Oh bless you universe for your sense of humor

The totem animal that I met during that ritual was a snake. A lovely little green verdi snake. I am still to this day very very nervous around real physical snakes. I’ll be honest they creep me out. I did take the ritual seriously and studied and learned about snakes how it represents a healer, the goddess, Snake lead me to learn more about Nammu, Danu  and yoga. I still never lost that connection my cat spirit she was (is) always there in the back ground, oh so patient and waiting.  I hadn’t given much thought to Rabbits they had totally fallen to the background of my psyche. I was into the snake learning of healing and the magic it represented.

It was while we were living in the desert that I remembered rabbits while going for a walk. Coyvere had an instant view into my childhood one morning when I spotted a couple of rabbits playing along the edge of the river. I may have squealed and exclaimed  “Oh look bunnies!”

And like that rabbits were back in my life as a strong totem animal. Little did I know that we were about to embark on another cross country move and settle into a new home now in the swampy jungle. Lucky for me I have spotted both snakes (eek!) and rabbits aplenty in the wild around here as well as our three furry babies who have moved with us. Living in the city as we are I’m not expecting to see any wild tigers or panthers wandering past.

I see often in magic, pagan studies that people stumble upon a gift of a spirit guide, totem animal or guide and they lock tight with that symbolism. But what happens when it’s time to grow to change and evolve?

At no time has any one of my guides left me their voices just got quite and I forgot how to listen to them. 2017-04-06-18-53-53-725x485 Lucky for me they are willing to wait for me to see them again.

Anyone else experience this?