Write What You Fear

I’ve just began to read Morgan Daimler’s books, based on a recommendation from a friend. So far they look very interesting. I’ve gotten one on the Morrigan, and I’m waiting for her book on Fairy Queens. I also got Fairy Witchcraft and FairyCraft.

Let me be honest -I’m afraid of the fae. Be they Sidhe or Ljossalfar, I’m scared to death of them. I once got on the wrong side of some by refusing to let them into my life and it took divine intervention to get rid of them. Approaching them appears to be clear insanity to me. Even considering it gives me chills and a shiver down the spine.

But I’m afraid of other things, too. I’m afraid of Lucifer, although I don’t have any conscious recollection of ever interacting with him, or even meeting him. It’s a carry over from Christianity, of course, and I’m trying to get away from it. There’s a serious dearth of solid information written about him by those not biased by Christianity, though, so it’s hard to come by anything to help my phobia.

I should be far more afraid of deities than I am, and I know that someday that’s going to bite me in the ass. I don’t know why I have such a nonchalant attitude towards something that can squish me like a bug, but I do. Reckless bravado, anyone?




2 thoughts on “Write What You Fear”

  1. Fear is an interesting reaction to things. There is a biological reaction and reason to fear such as when we are talking about self preservation. You know that gut clenching fear that tells you not to walk down that alley at night or to not walk into the den of cave bears just to see what would happen. There is fear when we have to speak in public, or fear when we bring home a potential mate. This fear comes from upbringing and it has a social component that comes from feelings of judgement or misunderstanding. Or worse letting down a loved one. Then there is fear of the unknown fear that comes from things we just don’t understand. These fears are all real and some times we can choose to ignore them we can override years of evolution and biology walk down that alley and nothing happens. Sometimes we bring home a mate and they are welcomed with loving arms by your family. Each time we have one of these positive reaction to something we fear that fear lessons .

    But with things that are still unknown, immensurable, intangible and untouchable we don’t have that positive feed back loop to lessen fear response. We only have our own mind to respond, we only have our own inner-voice speaking back to us.

    My inner-voice can be (or is) a bitch.

    So how do we deal with fear over a deity, the Fae, a dragon (Tiamat) , Dionysus and/or Lucifer? There are a lot of them out there that I could mention that do have a bad rap due to cultural and religious ideology. I guess we start here looking at are they truly meant to be feared, is the fear based on past experience, or is it cultural bias.

    I feel there is more to say it’s just not coming forward into cognitive thoughts at the moment

    Much Love Nettle

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  2. Dang, girl, you may as well use that as the beginning of a post! 😆 There’s nothing out on Lucifer that isn’t tainted by Christianity, and so is unreliable. I’ve seen UPG but I’m not ready for that. This may be a fear I never overcome. Ditto for Lilith.
    Everything I’m reading about the fae convinces me that, as gaffe prone as I am, it would be a mistake to actively seek them out. But when I was on FB yesterday a post from Fairie Folk school popped up – the only thing Fae to do so. A nudge? Synchronicity? I dunno. Danu hasn’t seemed interested. I do have an iron troll’s cross at the door though.

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