Pepper Debt

It is the day before Halloween, or the eve of All Hallow’s Eve as I write this.  The verge of the new year, and a quite appropriate time to pay off debts – or to make a start on paying, in any event.  I personally owe Hecate a debt, and this is a public acknowledgement of this – I owe.  Since part of my debt is to teach, well, here is a thing…

In looking at plant magic, it seems there is a terrible lot of rehashing of the same sources over and over.  With the advent of the internet, this churn of well know information has gotten even worse.  Now a pop author can google and wiki a plant, stir the pot of collected information, and regurgitate an article almost instantly on the properties of a plant and its magical properties, at least as defined by four other authors.

I worked with Hecate to find a system for deep original research into the magickal properties of plants.  While there are multiple steps in the process she taught me, some of which I can share, one of the steps in this is explore a plant in its planetary aspects.  A simple concept, but a labor of years to collect.  Lately I and others in my house have been haunted by dream sendings.  Talking with Hecate, she recommended two things:  First, look at peppercorns, and second, do the work yourself you lazy shit. No new knowledge while you are in default.

I have always loved my straightforward goddess.  😊  No ambiguity there!

After prepping for the work, I walked black peppercorns through the planets, which I have ranked by strength of aspect, and here are the results:

Rank Planet Property Power
1 Mars Additive Burning away, searing, very strong
2 Venus Additive Pathos, sorrow, tragedy of love
3 Saturn Additive Unlocks sweetness by contrast (think pepper jelly), makes the bitter sweet
4 Jupiter Additive Compels the unwilling, taste of the lash of command
5 Sun Neutral A lesser heat, non-competitive – lost in the sun, subtle effect
6 Moon Subtractive All heat removed in the moon, nullifies pepper fire completely and leaves subtle effects
7 Mercury Neutral Neutral effect, very low interaction – may combine with others

Given that the moon is clearly the commanding planet of dream and also a buffer for the fire of pepper, Hecate has clearly guided this lazy mage to a ward against negative dreams using pepper to burn away unwanted outside influences in dream and buffered by the moon, the natural matrix for dream energy. The simplified talisman looking something like this:

Tonight Pepper TalsimanI wall cast this ward as a test to check its influence and see if it is a something I need to add as a layer of the permanent wards on my home.  No need to inscribe it on a copper disk with peppercorn infused Martian inks in the hour of the moon on Mars day using the Orphic triad aspects of Hecate, Artemis and Hypnos – as noted, I am a lazy mage.  Besides, that sound expensive…

Happy Samhain, Halloween and New Year – Coyvere





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