Can Gods be held accountable for their Actions?

I only ask because I’ve run across more than one person who claims to have been abused or raped by a god. So I’m wondering, just what recourse do mortals have when gods break all civility and morals?

Is there a pecking order in a pantheon? If Odin rapes one of Loki’s people, can Loki demand weregild? Or is Loki SOL as much as the mortal?

What recourse, if any, does a mortal have?

Then others have spoken of times when the deity they had been working with simply bows out so that a different deity can enter, whether the mortal agrees to it or not. And the retreating deity won’t interfere, even when the new deity is abusive and the mortal is asking for help. Is there a hierarchy amongst the deities that says one outranks others, and that one can do as it wills until or unless one who outranks him shows up?

Can you refuse to work with a deity who abuses you? Can you banish a deity? Will wards and shields keep him out? If that doesn’t work, what does?

And how do you heal from abuse when your religion actively promotes and worships the deity who abused/raped you?

Are we pagans as bad as Christians in this respect? Yahweh did some horrible things to a lot of people but Christians ignore all of that and claim that he’s a ‘loving’ god. If Odin is a rapist, how do Odinists or Heathens or whatever reconcile that with their view of him? Do they simply ignore his bad side? Pretend it doesn’t exist, the way Christians pretend? Try to destroy the victim because she’s saying something they don’t want to face up to?

I suppose the idea that gods can do anything they want, because they’re gods, and what happens to us doesn’t matter, but I’ve never believed that crap. It makes the deities nothing but parasites. And it shows them to be petty, cruel, arbitrary, and unable to learn. Not what I’d call worship material.  Is the only recourse we have to stop being pagan entirely? Switch over to another pantheon in hopes that the deities there are more respectful of mortals and better behaved?

I’ve never been physically assaulted or raped by a deity, but if I were I’d want vengeance bigtime. I would cut my ties with that pantheon and those people, because they are aiding and abetting the behavior of the deity who did it.  If a group turns a blind eye to the cruelty of a deity, if a group excuses that behavior as ‘a test’ or ‘you deserve it’ or ‘shaman sickness’ or whatever other bullshit excuse they can come up with, then they’re enabling the actions of a deity who doesn’t deserve worship.



Gaia “Hold my beer”

This past month feels like the start of just about every young adult dystopian novel that I have read. Series of natural distastes  entangled with an incompetent or overly religious government waiting in the wings to swoop in and instill their “new and improved” form of government to save the people. The average person on the street oblivious or so afraid they don’t know what to do to make the train wreck stop.

Makes a cat down right nervous.

Fires in the Pacific West, four hurricanes  in the gulf, earthquakes in Mexico and its not just here in the Americas, the whole world is hurting.

Hope asked me earlier today if I was noticing that it was like all the elements are pissed. Earth, air, fire water all angry pissed and acting out.

I responded with a quick unthinking retort of “Awe hell no, it’s Gaia she’s PISSED”

Then to myself . “Oh”

She’s downright angry at us and its starting to manifest.


Mom is telling us to clean up our mess.

While meditating this morning I had to ask her “Where to start, mom ”

“Sanctuary” that was the answer I got clear in my mind. “Build your own sanctuary and shrine to me”

Coyvere’s interpretation of Gaia is less angry than my own.  He says she simply is sweeping aside old broken structures to make way for the new growth that must emerge here at the beginning of the new age.  He is more calm about destruction than I am some days. He is more comfortable that I to soak in the chaos.

I am a creature of habit so change is struggle to me and not always welcome. I understand the necessity of change and work with deities to help uncover my own chains of illusion that bind me. Focus is not my strong point and daily practices, well I’m a cat for goddess sake, we like sunbeams, warm fires and a good book. Static is an art form for a cat.  As Coyvere reminded me often daily practice is the best place to start. Establishing daily habits of worship or even recognizing and thanks daily  for what we have.  These are the things that will help us to recognize Gaia’s growth and changing and to help carry us though these changes.

I have had a daily practice for years.  Starting each morning lighting our oil lamp for Hestia. Over the past couple of years I’ve added things a couple of salt lamp candles for cleaning out the house in the morning, lighting some incense to our ancestors inside the house and a stick outside for my more natural or nature based ancestors.  The last good drink of tea in the morning has always gone outside to the earth for Gaia.

Is  that enough? When I am mindful and present in such acts yes but when I do them out of rout habit, no it’s not. My gods do not want mindless sacrifice they want mindful sacrifice, if only for a second. That is more important that remembering to take cloth bags to the store.

It is going back to these basics that help me in these times of storms. Going back to the basic helps me ground and be present in the moment.

In this I will create sanctuary.




Joining A School, or How I went looking for Discipline and Ran Into Frustration.

A couple weeks ago I was nattering on with Glory, and we got to discussing the online Wiccan college she’s affiliated with and attending. I’m not Wiccan – I have some serious basic problems with some of the ideas Wicca claims – but I’ll go out of my way to garner knowledge. As they say, a muddy pool still reflects the sun. So I was wondering what such a school would help me with, and a Voice said ‘Discipline’.

Okay – I’ll be the first to admit that I am lacking in discipline. And without discipline, you really can’t get anywhere in magick, or in life for that matter.  Without discipline, Will and Focus and Intent are pretty much useless. So, taking the hint in the spirit of its intention, I signed up for the school, although not without misgivings.  But I resolved to give it an honest try.

My first concern was ‘are they going to force me to go back to basics I learned a half century ago?’. So far, not. I’ve done the Introductory Lesson, and Lesson 1, plus the Deity Focus.  It’s been mostly background and history, and basic tenets of the path. I’m not arguing with my poor teacher and mentor – just being careful about what I write. Well, mostly careful. When it came to wands I did point out that after a certain period one moves beyond the need for props.  And I’ve never seen anyone using a besom to sweep out negative energies. But, hey! If it works for you…

A couple things irk me about the school itself – the homework page doesn’t save, so unless you are ready to fill it out entirely and send it, you can’t use it. You have to make a separate page to save your work on and then copy/paste it to the lesson page. That’s annoying and a sign of not planning. But Glory assures me that they are working on fixing this problem with the platform.

And the insistence on forcing everyone, no matter their ability, to hold their pace to a year and a day, which means that lessons can’t be sent in faster than one per two weeks.  For someone actually just starting off this would be understandable.  For someone who’s done some work in other covens, this would be a hindrance. For me, it’s vastly irritating. But again, that’s how it’s set up and I suppose that discipline comes from learning to adapt to the circumstances around you.

Other than those niggling items, the college isn’t too bad so far.  Oh, wait – I forgot the damned journal they want you to keep. I dislike being told I have to open myself up to others on a regular basis. I write on this blog as the spirit moves me when I have something to say. Being told that I HAVE to write makes my ears go back and my spine stiffen.  I may end up writing garbage in the journal.  Especially since I’m writing here, and keeping a regular journal at home. One can have too many!

My first deity focus was for Danu. I did my ferreting on the net and found enough info to put into the correspondences they asked for, but the mediation brought nothing so I had nothing to write when they asked for a description of the ritual. I can’t be explicit when nothing happened.  Well, okay, I can say that, but it’s not what they want. I talked to Glory about it and she said I should try to do it again in the shower (running water being one of Danu’s things) or to sit outside with an offering of honey and talk to her. I took Door #2 and took my coffee and a dab of honey on a dish outside this morning. After setting the dish on the picnic table I sat down and drank my coffee, planted my bare feet on the ground, and talked to Danu.

I asked for a sign of her hearing me, of her accepting me as a student. I asked for a few bees to come for the honey. After sitting outside a good half hour, I got zilch. I mean, I didn’t even get a frickin’ fly! As Glory points out – sometimes silence is the answer. I think I got good and snubbed!