Lots of questions! I’m not a follower of any particular pantheon but Nicodemus and I follow Loki , so I tend to look into the Norse mythos , along with the Celtic. What I want to know is:

  1. What kind of afterlife is there for those who aren’t blooded warriors? I know that the Asatru I’ve had dealings with seem to think that they’ll do nothing but feast, fight, and fuck in Valhalla, which seems rather dull to me but to each their own. What about the rest of the populace who venerate the Norse gods? Does each deity have a hall of his/her own? Or does everyone mill around in Odin’s hall, or Freya’s hall?
  2. This carries over into other pantheons as well. There’s so little gnosis, whether personal or not, about it that I wonder if the deities are putting the information out at all. And no one seems to be asking.
  3. How much of the mythos are we to take as truth? Should we believe them strictly as written? Is Zeus actually incapable of keeping it in his robes? Does Hera actually spend her time attacking the mortal women who can’t say no? Or do the myths only reveal a time and place in the distant past that no longer has relevance to us today?
  4. What about other sentient beings, like octopi? Do the gods limit themselves to humans or is anything with intelligence fair game?
  5. I seem to remember being told – or reading about – an alternate explanation of the whole Baldur/Loki story that everyone gets so worked up about. In it Baldur’s parents spoil him rotten because he’s so wonderful, and no one denies him anything he wants until he falls in love (lust?) with a woman who is already betrothed to another man. He falls into a depression because he can’t have her, and one of his parents – the one who does magick – works it so that the woman breaks her betrothal and runs off with Baldur. The ex-betrothed man comes to Valhalla and demands justice and vengeance.  Knowing that Odin can’t bear to kill his beloved son, and knowing that if Baldur isn’t sacrificed Odin’s life is forfeit, Loki takes on the burden of ensuring that Baldur dies. He has nothing against his nephew, but he can’t allow Odin to die.  Even knowing that he will earn the enmity of the other deities, he lays his plans and carries them out. Baldur dies and goes to keep Hel company. What I want to know is – which version comes closest to the truth? And just what IS the truth?
  6. Even if the deities are going for quality over quantity this time around, why aren’t they putting their stories out for their worshipers? Yes, I can understand why the people tasked to write these for the public would consider long and hard before putting their names on anything, with said public’s sad inclination to leap to eviscerate anyone who deviates from their own personal gnosis, if any, but that’s what a nom de plume is for. Some deities seem to think that dogma only restricts the ability of their worshipers to think, but seems like humans need some guidelines in order to even start the thought process.


I don’t think I’ll put any more down for the moment – eagerly awaiting answers. Not holding my breath, though.


6 thoughts on “Questions!”

  1. Well… My little 2 cents here is that there’s Odin’s hall and Freyja’s hall, but there is also Hel’s hall. Hers is for folks that didn’t die in battle. Including old age, sickness, accidents, etc. The difference between Valhalla and Folkvangr (Freyja’s hall) is that She is said to reunite the Warriors with their spouses in Her hall. I have zero interest in Valhalla. I hate fighting. It isn’t something I’d like to do after I pass. I’d rather hang out in Hel’s domain and tend orchards. Much more to my liking. 💜
    As far as the Baldr story and Ragnarok, I’m still not sure, either. I take the myths as stories which may or may not be true. Understanding the past is all well and good. For some folks, that’s their Thing– researching and comparing. I prefer to work with the present. I’m more interested in what’s happening now. But that’s just my personal preference. To me, the past can be a foundation or a guideline, something to be built upon.
    And as far as why the Gods do what They do? I have no freaking clue. What would make sense to us, They seem to have other ideas. For my sanity’s sake, I leave Their business to Them and just concentrate on my relationships with Them in my personal life. This past year, I’ve had my head in the sand. Too much personal drama has drawn my little bubble way in. So far in, that I’ve lost interest in any sort of pondering about Their bigger plans for us as a whole. I’ve been just trying to keep my head above water, and if it doesn’t impact my family or me, I’ve been content to let someone else worry with it. Not to be mean or ignorant, but just to survive. Im not a big fan of dogma or rules. I like to just “go with it.” I don’t care for being told I’m “doing it wrong.” And I’ll never judge someone else for doing what they feel is right for them. I do have some pretty out-there UPG, but as you said, I don’t want to put it out there. Not everyone would appreciate it the way I do. I totally understand why someone would have a piece of the puzzle and just sit on it. It’s out of fear. You never know how someone will react. Sad, yes.
    If there’s anything to be taken from my rambling here, I hope that it’s the idea that it’s ok to be confused, you’re not the only one confused, and always question everything!! 😊

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    1. Not much out there about Hel’s domain. It would be great to find out more. I agree – as an ex-soldier, fighting sucks. Killing is a messy, inefficient way to deal with others. And immature as well. We can – and should – do better.
      I’m not a medium (yet. Damn it.) but I do understand the reluctance of those who are lucky enough to hear Them to spread the word. To me, it’s not a matter of those who hear it appreciating it – some will, some won’t – but it’s the need that they have to hear it. They can ignore it if they want, but they need to hear it and make the choice. I understand that fear, and it’s a real thing. But as I so often say to my younger friends – don’t give a fuck. Why should you care what someone totally unrelated to you thinks? You shouldn’t. Their opinion is moot. Their opinion doesn’t matter. You speak your truth and to hell with what other people say or think. Their reaction, good or bad, runs off you like water off a duck. Loki will probably never tell you outright to publish what he says – and then again, this IS Loki, so he might – but for those groping for pieces they don’t have, it’s frustrating as hell! LOL – that’s MY opinion – now let it run off because it’s not important. Practice that. As you age, you’ll find you care about the opinions of fewer and fewer people. It’s quite liberating.
      You have a lot to say. You know a lot that most people don’t. You have wisdom and intelligence. You fight the same demons that others whom the gods favor fight. My friends here on this blog fight them, too. None of you are crazy, and none of you are alone.

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      1. Ah yes, I notice that age makes me less inclined to give two hoots about the opinions of others. It’s taken me almost 40 years to finally realize that! 😜 Better late then never! Haha! My fear, though, is that I have a child to protect and who knows what people are capable of these days.

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  2. Confusion inspires us to learn, to seek out the answers, so I think in a way it is healthy as well as necessary. Deities can be hard to decipher methinks. They seem to enjoy being vague and making us work for the answers we seek. Here’s to continuing to being the strong, independent you!

    May the coming future be less drowning and more swimming, not just floating and keeping above the water. It seems it has been a rough year or so for many. 😦

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