Ha ha – very funny!

Just a short post to let you know we’re still alive, but having family stuff come up which takes away time and energy from srs stuff.

Just before Samhain Nic had an interesting thing happen.

We went to bed, and an hour later he turns on the light and says, ‘Hope, there’s kibble in the bed!”

There, in a line stretching from the middle of the bed to the edge, on the sheet close to the pillow, was a handful of kibble.

Dry. Kibble.

And he woke up because he could feel it under his shoulders and across his back.

Rather uncomfortable thing to sleep on, kibble. Like little rocks.

The kibble wasn’t there when we went to bed. Both cats were outside, and in any event they couldn’t have laid the kibble out in a line UNDER Nic’s sleeping form.

So we are stumped. Not Loki – when he was invited in I set the boundaries clearly; no going past the bedroom door. And we have no idea who else it could be. Any suggestions?