Wyrd Wonderings

A series of emails between the three of us, discussing Nettle’s post on Nammu. Coyvere and Nettle thought it would be good background, to show our interactions and how we find consensus on a post. We won’t show it for every post – not every post requires the back-and-forth – but on the more contentious ones.

From: Hope


that sure seems both complex and rather – not sure how to put it – hmmm – off target? for a dragon. I can see that approach working for someone like Danu, especially the plants/herbs, but a dragon? Maybe we need to define ‘dragon’ in this context, so that people don’t think ‘fire breathing, virgin eating, big scaled lizard’. Or automatically think of something like Godzilla. Or somehow Fae. But not sure that bringing up any Infernal links a good idea, if there are any. I’m still at sea about that. How many will automatically assume that Nammu is pure magickal energy? Or is she? Is there actually a physical component? Would incense attract her or is that for us? Pomegranates and dates harken back to when she was a viable Power in the world, but is there anything ‘modern’ that would attract her as well? What about a chant like the Greeks/Romans use, listing her attributes?

Glory, you putz around with dragons as well. I know you don’t have to call them, but if you were to give someone instructions on how to do it, what would you say?

From: Nettle

I so love your questions.

I don’t think of dragons as fire breathing virgin-eaters or at least haven’t in the past 5 to 10 years since I started working with Nammu. (Ah yes – her famous quote: humans give me heartburn! Hope)  Dragons are primal energy, not lizards. They are connected to that lizard part of our brain so that is where I think people get that lizard idea. Snakes and lizards frighten most of us at our core so I think that is why humans started using the imagery of snakes, lizards, and dragons as ‘bad guys’. Because we have this fear it’s easy to then get people to stop worshipping something that is more alien and less human. It is this collective fear that has given us the image for ‘dragon’. She or other dragons are NOT Godzilla. Like the Fae, theya re working with us, just on an energetic level. How they look physically is and is not what I think of when I picture a dragon in my AD&D mind. It’s more raw energy – I guess more chaotic but not chaos magick. They can, and Nammu will, take on the ‘form’ of a dragon as we picture them in our AD&D minds but that is not their true form. For now, she – like all the deities – are pretty much energy. BUT I’ve never been one to think that the gods are just sitting around a table looking down at us from their astral homes. I’ve always thought of them as energy.

Plants, yes, work for Nammu, or so she says. It is a way for her energy to infuse with someone. The plants or the talisman give her a physical place to hang out. Is she physical in that space? I don’t know. That would be a huge discussion involving physics and such. Does dark matter take up space as we understand it?

You need to explain Infernals to me because I think we might have some confusion over who and what the Infernals are. A language issue.

Incense is both for us and for her. All ritual should connect with people on a multitude of levels, through all our senses – sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing if you can bring that in. Each person will have one or two senses that work best for them in ritual when it comes to ‘feeling’ or ‘sensing’ deity.

Anything modern that would attract her? I dunno – good question; you ask her, my dear, and see what she says. In my brain she’s rather adamant on the pomegranates, dates, and sparklies.

I don’t do chants. My weakest sense is hearing. I’m good with feeling and smells. If you have a chant for her that would be great. I just don’t, my dear. Truly Glory’s strong point is getting those chants and hearing those poems.

From: Hope

As I said to Glory, we’re a visually oriented species, so we need to be able to ‘see’ something in our minds to assign a name or quality to it. If plants work for Nammu, then your inclusion of plants is a valid way to reach her. If’s not something I ever associated with her, but that’s me.

Infernals, like Tiamat is supposed to be an Infernal, or Lucifer, or Lilith. That sort of thing. I know all the press is bad, and it’s written by their enemies, but even Coyvere is leery of working with them.

If you say she’s adamant about poms and dates and sparklies then I believe you. It fits in with her background.

From: Nettle

She, Nammu, helped us become an agricultural based species. Her city, one of the first human cities, was built because of our moving from hunter-gatherers to agrarian society. If that doesn’t scream plants and herbs I’m not sure what else does. Though she wouldn’t mind a tasty chicken or three in your backyard…a goat – she’d really like a goat or a sheep – talk about your Small Farm Goddess!

Hope, YOU are a visually oriented species! Not everyone of us needs to physically see something to feel it or to sense it. I am a smell and feel type – I don’t see things with my eyes. I can kind of see things in my mind but it’s all based on feel or emotions, not actual sight. Everyone’s brain is different and we all interpret the messages we get through our own brain and symbolism.

The Infernals were given a bad rap by Christianity and to a pointy some of that is true. Tiamat is not a gentle goddess. There is very little that is soft about her – she’s kickass, as is Lilith and Lucifer. They all have points in time where we might need to ask them for help. They are all deities that you must be careful of when you ask for something. Is that really so different than asking Loki or Hekate for something? Coyvere is leery and he will admit that because he grew up Catholic he still has some issues. Of the three, Lilith is the one I’m most comfortable working with, then Tiamat – but she can be a bitch – and then Lucifer, but I’m not one who works in the Christian pantheon much.

From: Hope

I was referencing your first post on Nammu. She’s only mentioned that one time, so I didn’t/don’t know what else she did or is responsible for. Small farm goddess – lol!

No, I wasn’t speaking magickally. I mean that our species is primarily visually oriented. We depend upon our vision far more than scent or hearing or touch. Not to say we can’t sharpen the other senses if vision goes missing.

A lot of people have the same religious background as Coyvere and so have some residual nervousness about the Infernals. I only mention it because I don’t know if Nammu is one of them or not, and it might color some people’s perceptions of her. Remember my interactions with the deities is extremely limited.






How Does One Talk To A Dragon?

Nammu and Kali

Awhile ago Hope asked me to write out how one would contact Nammu or another dragon. I said ‘Dragons don’t come when called – they aren’t dogs!’ To which she replied, ‘Don’t be flippant, ass!’. Perhaps there were a few more words in our conversation (Yes, it is somewhat condensed – Hope) and a slight variation in language, but you get the point. One of the best parts of working with Hope and Glory on this project is that we hold one another accountable and push one another magickally. For me, that is always struggling to get the goop that is in my head out onto paper.

It took me a few long weeks but I think I have answered her question on ‘How does one talk with Nammu?’

Contacting a deity for the first time is always tricky, so first make sure you have your spiritual guardian present. (She’s assuming you have one of these neat, nifty things. Hope) If that is an ancestor, a spirit guide, a trusted deity you work for, have them present and watching over you. They will act as a filter between you and in this case Nammu. Always check with your guardians first to see if this is a good idea. (And if they don’t, find out why. Or do it anyway. Hope) I could spend hours writing a post on how to make sure you have contacted the right deity but I’m hoping at this point in time you all know how to tell you have the right deity you wish to talk to.

Gather your supplies beforehand. Below is a list of supplies for two different rituals to use to contact Nammu. The first one I offer you is using clay to make a talisman for yourself. The second one is to plant some herbs in a pot, which you can use for cooking or whatever.

For A Talisman:

Mud/Clay (the red clay – no fake stuff but air dry is fine and works great)

Sandalwood, dragonsblood, or frankincense (you’ll want the raw resin)

Charcoal tablets and burner (this can already be dedicated to your guardian but not to some other deity you work with)



Wine – something you like and would want to share. If you don’t drink, pomegranate juice is good.

Copper bead or trinket.

Garnet(s) or some other deep purple to red stone/gem.

Nammu’s time is dawn and at sunset when the moon is still visible in the sky. She can also be found in full daylight in those times when both sun and moon are in the sky. She does prefer outdoors.

First Ritual

Pick your time, gather all your supplies (optional is a pretty plate with some dates and pom seeds for you to nibble on) , and pick your place. Decide ahead of time on your spoken intention, and write it down if necessary. Create a sacred space. For me that is a circle in my back yard or at a friends’ house, someplace outside where you can see and feel the sun and moon. Remember, I’m not a ritualist, I’m just a kitchen witch, so I go on my gut instinct more often than not. I rarely call the quarters but I do always call my guardian and cast a circle.

Light the charcoal tablet and add the resin. Speak your intention aloud or in your head – something like ‘I would like to meet and speak with Nammu’. Take a few minutes to focus your thoughts and energy on Nammu.

Next, using your clay, make a shape – maybe a dragon, maybe a flower, maybe a simple sphere or box – whatever your gut tells you to do. Let your intention and energy flow into the creation of your talisman. Place a garnet or some other stone on the inside, or the copper bead or trinket.

Once you have finished with your creation, set it aside for a moment in some sunny spot where it can dry for a few days. Perhaps on the pretty plate you had your dates and pom seeds on. Before you dash to wash the clay off your hands, take your glass of juice or wine and make an offering first to your guardian and/or the earth, enjoy a sip yourself, and offer one to Nammu. If you have dates and/or pom seeds you can make the same offering with the food. Enjoy a quiet meditation until you can’t deal with the messy hands any longer. Release the circle, thank any that have helped you, and go about your day.

Once the clay has dried you will want to spend time meditating with your talisman for a good long while, for some people it will be a month, for others longer. You will know how long – trust your gut.

Second Ritual

Pick your time and gather your supplies. In place of the clay you will want herb seeds or starts – parsley, arugula, thyme (wild oregano), rosemary, sage, tarragon, mustard, or sumac, just to name a few. Get something you like and will use in your cooking or meal preparation.

You’ll also need potting soil and a pot with drainage holes and a dish to catch the excess water. Get a pot that appeals to you – there are many beautiful ones on the market. Even places like Home Depot carries them.

Follow the outline of the first ritual until you get to the part about playing with clay. Here you’ll play with soil. Take the pot in your hands and energetically clean the vessel, preparing it and setting your intention to ‘create a space for Nammu to inhabit, if she likes and if she wishes to bless this nourishment for you and your loved ones’.

Do the same with the soil and the water.

Use some of the soil to fill the pot and as you are filling it add some of your garnets or other stones/gems. Just a few – Nammu is a dragon after all, and she does like her sparkly pretties.

Plant the seeds or starts as directed and water with the sweet water of life. Put the pot in a nice sunny spot in your garden or a sunny window where it will live and grow. Enjoy your creation for a moment, then use your grubby hands to offer the wine/juice to your guardian/the earth, yourself, and Nammu. Share the food, if any, with them as well. Release your circle, thank those who helped, and go about your day.

As your herbs grow, be sure to use them in your meals or other magickal workings. If they die for some reason, repeat the ritual. It make take some time for you to find ones that will flourish in your area.

Hope you enjoy some conversations with Nammu.



Nammu As Seen By Nettle

“The Sumerians believed that the first thing that existed was the primordial sea (associated with the goddess Nammu), from which emerged heaven (An) and earth (Ki), united as though they were a large mountain in the midst of the sea. An and Ki produced within or between them Enlil, (Air), and as the air began to stir in the darkness within the mountain, it separated sky and earth.

Then to see better, Enlil begot the modd god Nanna, who in turn begot the sun god, Utu, presumably to make the light brighter. By this time the world had come into being, for the sky (An) by expansion of air (Enlil) had reached a great height, and the earth (Ki) had made a solid floor below, with sun and moon to bring light.

When air moved above earth ( or when Enlil united with his mother Ki) and received the aid of water (Enki), plants and animals came into being. Finally, man was created by the joint efforts of Nammu, the primeval sea, Ninurta mother earth, and Enki, the water god.”

Sumerian creation myth as retold by Neal Robbins

This is one of the oldest recorded myths in human history, dating back to 3000 BCE. These myths date back before the Babylonians and were recovered in the late 20th century by archeologists in southern Iraq. Sumerian culture started in the area upriver from the meeting place of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Their civilization consisted of cities, agriculture (including domesticated animals), a complex social structure, temples, music, and the beginnings of written languages.

The poem/myth continues with the story of how Nammu, tired from days of work digging trenches and making bread, went to her son:

The gods were dredging the rivers,

   were piling up their silt

   on projecting bends–

 and the gods lugging the clay

   began complaining 

She woke her son Enki (En = lord, Ki = Earth) and the two of them fashioned humans.

Mix the heart of the clay that is over the abyss,

 The good and princely fashioners will thicken the clay,

 You, [Nammu] do you bring the limbs into existence;

 Ninmah [earth-mother or birth goddess] will work above you,

 The goddesses [of birth] .  . . will stand by you at your fashioning;

 O my mother, decree its [the newborn’s] fate,

 Ninmah will bind upon it the image (?) of the gods,

 It is man . . . .   


Creation myths offer an interesting insight into how we have evolved as a race. Looking back at these older myths, poems, and song of our creation the gods are more primal and less human-like. As civilizations have grown our gods/goddesses have become more like us. My personal thought is that it is not so much that we are created in God’s image as we gave the gods our image.

There is a theory that I like that both our bodies and our gods are shaped by the planet on which we live, shaped by the Gaia-sphere. Our bodies are shaped by the DNA of our planet, and the parts of the divine that are able to touch us here are filtered by our mother, Gaia, so that parts of the universe that are alien to us cannot enter. So our images/selves and the images we form of our deities shape each other. This idea has a certain appeal.

In the past few decades we have made startling discoveries into our own histories changing how many of us thought we came to be and even more startling discoveries outside our Gaia-sphere into the possibility of life on other planets. We are beginning to learn how small and tiny we are on this outer spiral of the Milky Way, and yet our expanding knowledge is causing us to grow in leaps and bounds.

I have heard from those of us who are long practitioners of the pagan or magi way speak of the old gods/goddesses returning or re-awakening. I believe our Gaia-sphere is starting to expand. While it is unclear to most what this change will bring, it is clear that change is coming.  We are standing on the precipice of change for our species. What is our next evolutionary leap? How much conscious awareness are we going to be able to bring to this evolution?

Nammu (or Namma) and Tiamat

Nammu is the Sumerian goddess of water and creation, and Tiamat is the primordial goddess of the sea who united fresh and salt water to create the cosmos. Tiamat is often seen as a serpent or water dragon in the early portrait of her. Very little is known of Nammu – she is mentioned only once in a line of texts of An-Anum where she is given the title of ‘Mother who gave birth to the heavens and earth’.

It was conventional wisdom among archeologists that Tiamat evolved from Nammu, that they are both one and the same. Both later then evolved into Ishtar. As a pagan worshipper who has studied and worked with both they share an archetype of creation goddesses but they are three separate beings.

Nammu gave up her power willingly, handing it over to her son Enki. Tiamat was betrayed by her children, who slaughtered her and flung her body into the heavens where she became the night sky. Nammu represents the sweet water of life; Tiamat represents the salty water of birth. These are just simple examples of their differences.

Both represent a primal aspect of creation. I met Tiamat first, in my younger baby pagan days. I must admit that my first dealings with her were not pleasant. I had fallen into that Christian mindset of not really understanding the underworld, but that’s another topic for another day.

Nammu is really the one I want to talk about today.

Nammu first came to me in dreams, very hard and graphic dreams. In these dreams I was always worshipping in her temples, and every one ended with my death as the temples were attacked and all within slaughtered. Yet with these horrible dreams there was an overwhelming sense of peace. I was in the right place and I died in the right way, in her presence. I am struggling to find the words to really describe all that I felt in these dreams. It comes down to an overwhelming sense of being mothered. That sensation a child feels when picked up by a parent and hugged or rocked to feel safe. There was the sensation of familiarity within the dream – the layout of the temple, the colors, the smells – even in death. The dreams ended with me being cradled in the palm of a giant purple/garnet colored dragon whispering ‘Remember…”.

When a dragon tells you to remember something, it’s easy to remember.

Nammu is active again now, after 5,000 years of slumber. At the changing of our age, she is once again creating and becoming part of the new age. As a caring mother-creator, her energy is present and growing around us.

For a long time, human deities have ruled the mind of humanity. In the dark ages humanity was isolated from many influences. This time of isolation is over, and many teachers will be returning to us. One of the things I would like to talk more about in this blog is how one worships or works with a deity or being that isn’t human. Working with dragons, Fae, and other non-humans isn’t the same as working with the more human deities. For now keep in mind that these beings are not human – they don’t think like humans and they need or want little from humans. They are willing to teach, however, if one shows curiosity and initiative.


More about Real Magick

This appears to be further musings on the previous subject from Nettle and Glory. A slightly different perspective, a little more personal.

There are times (says Nettle) when I am in my human shell, that I wish for winning lottery numbers (even pray for them!). Every once in a while. to my own embarrassment, times when I would so love a lightening bolt spell to toss right up the arse of the person who just cut me off in traffic, endangering my spark and those of my passengers, and the piece de resistance – for just once in my life hindsight to be foresight. These times in my life I contemplate the idea of ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if magick was real?’.

But magic is real – in extremely subtle ways and we as humans exist in gross bodies. Humans are not good at observing subtle; we are far too occupied with maintaining this human life. Eating, eliminating, sex, breathing, digesting, and thinking keep us distracted in so many ways from what or how magic is real in our everyday lives.

Perhaps once a year or so we are blessed with conscious observance of magic at work – that one good day where everything goes right; you hit all the green lights, you find an extra $50.00 in your bank account that you didn’t know was there, you find your mate, you birth a child. These are examples of magic in everyday life. Just like the days when, stuck in our gross bodies, we do not notice the warning signs the universe is trying to tell us – the four days of snow storms and horrible driving weather in a cross country family move to that dream job that three months later ends in unemployment, or that nauseating twist in the gut when we meet someone for the first time but still go out on that date with them only to regret that decision years later. These are examples of our intuition or higher self or even the gods/goddesses themselves trying to warn us – with a loud cosmic scream of ‘this is a bad idea!’. Yet blindly trapped in our gross bodies and blessed with free will, we do not listen or are just unable to hear and interpret these signs until it’s too late.

Life’s lessons suck but they are magic at work.

Many times in my life I have asked the Fates for a cosmic 2×4, only to realize months later that they had sent one but I hadn’t noticed it. [If you didn’t notice it, it wasn’t a 2×4 – trust me on this. ~Hope] I was too busy struggling and fighting being human to observe the subtle message they gifted to me. [A 2×4 isn’t subtle. If it were subtle, it wouldn’t be called a 2×4, would it?  ~Hope]  These were the times in my life where I had pleaded and even (again to my embarrassment) begged the god/goddess for a sign or help.

If magic was real – more physically observable, could I (or we) overcome this inability to see or observe these messages?

I don’t know.

The answer at first seems to be ‘Yes, of course, it would be so much easier for my life if magic was physical’.  I could sit down with Hestia in the morning, sip my cup of tea, and go over the household budget for the week. Hang out with Persephone and Hecate as they tend their gardens in the afternoon. Slay a few demons in the evening with Kali. Sounds like a nice way to round out my week.

My darling husband, Coyvere, comes to this idea with pure horror. He comes from a very ritualistic order of magi who work as Guardians and Protectors. He’s always the guy on the outside of the circle making sure the bad stuff stays away. He’s a ceremonial mage and this background gives him a very different view of magic and what it would mean if magic had a more physical effect. In his words, “The current system of magic and how it works allows humans the luxury of being able to believe that evil is not real. The current covenant allows for Gaia to maintain an atmosphere of protection to those of us who live on this planet. Everything we know is experienced through this filter. Most of us are not ready to really see what is out beyond it.”

While these two views are at odds with one another they both pose interesting theories. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to magically heal someone? Wouldn’t it be horrifying to have to clean up after some fool’s “Let’s get drunk and summon shit!” moment?

I am curious as to what others think.

On Glory’s side –

We ask, we beg, we plead for those Cosmic 2x4s!  [Only if we’re masochists, honey!  ~Hope] To see more clearly the signs for what we want to see. But what if those 2x4s are directing us down a different path? Do we see them? Do we ignore them? Or are we so absorbed in the Now, the desire or want to see the signs for what they are, that we miss them?

You see, like a child in a store, we want instant gratification. And sometimes the answer is no answer. We are ignored because we don’t need what we think we do. So that 2×4 you ask for, it’s not always going to come.

Living a conscious in the moment life helps us to see those magical moments. Those sparks. Those signs. But it requires stepping out of the instant gratification mindset, a stepping out of our gross bodies and just living in the moment. Enjoying life and everything that comes our way, as it comes our way.

We can see the magic. We can see the beauty. If we stop asking, begging, pleading for the 2×4 to tell us what to do and just listen. Listen to the quiet. To the tiny voice inside trying to tell you where to go. It’s not always the big bang; sometimes it’s the flap of a butterfly’s wings that has the biggest impact. Life isn’t always about the show; it’s about finding joy in the simple things.

That, my friends, is the true, living, breathing magic that surrounds you. So stop, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and listen to the silence. You’ll find your magic. You’ll find your beauty. You’ll find the sign posts. The guidance is there. Are you ready to listen?

Hope says:

To me, a 2×4 is being hit upside the head with something I can’t ignore, for better or worse. Having magick – and the Powers – able to manifest on this plane, in this realm, would be a 2×4 of massive proportions to most of humanity. I don’t think that most humans can use the energies we call magick. I know that’s an unpopular stand, but it’s a talent that most just don’t have.  Some like to think that being able to use magick is an innate talent we all possess, but to me that smacks of trying to placate the fears of the masses who actually don’t. Like saying that we aren’t different, really – and you can learn to do all this too if you want to, so don’t be afraid of us or attack us!

We all know how well that works out, don’t we? If we are reviled and hated for the little bit we can do right now, just think about how much more we’ll be hated when we can command energies flowing in like a cataract instead of a trickle.

Of course, we humans will be the least of humanity’s worries. Wait until the first of the UnSeelie show up. Or the Drokkalfar. Or the Infernals. Will the gods themselves manifest? Is the Bear a Catholic? Does a pope shit in the woods?

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I never ask, beg, or plead for a 2×4. Having been the unhappy recipient of more of them than I like to count, I know they are used to get our attention when all else fails. I also know that we can ignore even the most painful 2×4 if we really want to – and sometime we do. The Powers will send other, milder hints that we’re going the wrong way before they resort to whacking us upside the head. Some of those we miss – some of them we ignore. If we’re smart (which we become, sooner or later) we stop and make inquiries. Are you really telling me that we shouldn’t go to Alaska, or am I just being a touch paranoid about a new situation?  Oh, look – the undercarriage of the RV is on fire. I think that’s a hint.

Coyvere is right …but it doesn’t matter. The Realms are already well on the way to being reunited. The energies, the Magick or Majick, are already beginning to leak through the barriers as they weaken in preparation to failing.  Many people are working on this, both knowingly and unknowingly. Not everyone is happy about it and some Powers who don’t want to share the knowledge are trying to stop it, or slow it down, but the Change is inevitable. Ready or not, here it comes.

Those of us who know it’s coming have an edge over those who don’t. Knowledge Is Power.



What Is Magic? (Or Magick, Or Majick)

Hello, and welcome to our blog! If you’ve been guided to this place then you know something’s afoot. You may even have a good idea of what that is. Or you may just have an uneasy feeling, or an itchy inkling, or just a hunch. Perhaps your deity nudged you here. Perhaps it was something you overheard, something that piqued your curiosity. Whatever it was – welcome! We have much work ahead of us, much to do for preparation, and it’s time to get started.

This is a blog primarily concerned with Magick. I’m sure I don’t need to define it for you, or explain how it’s different from magic. You are past that.

At some indefinite point in the past, barriers were raised and the Realms sundered one from the other. At this point in the present, the Wheel has turned and those barriers are under assault, dissolving even as this is written, soon to be barriers no more.  Forcing Magick and the concomitant energies out of this realm weakened the Powers. Some ‘died’. Some went into hiding or hibernation. Some stayed, faint shadows of themselves, and relegated to myth and folktales. But, again, you know all this.

So, in essence, this blog is about dissolving the barriers and reuniting the Realms.


Let me introduce you to your coworkers/co-conspirators – Nettle, Glory, and Hope.

Nettle is a practicing eclectic pagan and Kitchen witch, and a yogi. She channels and works with various Powers, not restricted to any one pantheon, and enjoys exploring the feminine divine and the roles women play in ritual. She has three daughters, all pagan, and her husband works extensively with Hermes and Michael. Nettle is a friend to cats, fae, and dragons.

Glory calls herself an eclectic Universal Student, but she is far more than that.  She’s a witch who teaches and a divinatory. She’s also an unwilling (but resigned) channel and gem talker (I say gems but really it’s all types of stones). Her primary is Herne, but far more than he speaks through her at any given time. Her husband stands with Odin and her four children have the attention of the Powers. Glory is a friend to dogs, fae, and dragons.

Hope. A detail oriented, logically minded observer who always pushes and asks questions. Her husband is Lokean but she is unclaimed by any. Hope likes all critters but is nobody’s friend.


Intros aside, the question arises – what is magick? All of us seem to have a slightly different way of looking at the subject. It’s probable that there’s as many ideas of what magick actually is as there are people who practice it. If you find you disagree with the definitions Glory and Nettle espouse, don’t forget that.

Glory muses “Why Majick? Why not magic or magick?”

Magic as used today has come to mean the illusions and parlor tricks associated with stage magicians in Las Vegas and the like. Card tricks and illusions meant to awe and entertain. They work in that venue but not in a Spiritual setting.

Magick is used widely in Wicca and other spheres to differentiate it and show that it is not the parlor tricks, but more the work with and manipulation of the energy around us to achieve our desires. It is using energy, shaping it, and sending it back out into the Universe. It is still a completely valid use and spelling, and I do not discredit it as it is something I respect and use in my own beliefs and practices.

But for this use and meaning, Majick is something more. It is the inherent Majick in the world around us, independent of belief, Pantheon, and Power. It is primal. It is everywhere and in everything. Deity uses it as much as we mortals do. It is intelligent. Or more accurately, it is a collective of intelligence. It is a living repository of energy and knowledge that infuses us. It can direct itself, and can deny access to those unready or unskilled. Majick lives and grows, changing and morphing to fit the times. It is the core of creation and thought, so in that sense it is truly immortal.

You could think of Majick as a sphere surrounding creation, semi-aware and conscious enough to call others to its service. It shares as it wills, not willing to be used and manipulated by interlopers. It is not mindless energy to be used and abused by those not drawn to it, but the thought behind the energy , the force that drives it and desires to create and destroy and reshape. It is neither good nor bad. It simply is.

Majick is at the core. It is an entity, but not. Living, but not. It is intelligent, but not. It is all, but nothing. It is the true definition, aspect, and ideal of spiritual life and well being. Think of it as the core to start your belief. Respect it, honor it, and live your life connected to and with it. Don’t expect it to cater to you, but be willing to go with the flow and listen to the whispers it offers. For MaJick is something different yet all inclusive of magick and magic. Meant to be honored and respected and worked with not used. It lives and flows in a way that we seek to understand. Treat it as an unequal partner, just a bit greater than you, for it is the collective we all connect to.


Nettle’s take on the definition of magick is quite different from Glory’s, but equally valid.

I’ve never felt the need to differentiate between stage magic and what I call magical workings or ritual. One is for entertainment and illusion; the other is working on myself (The Self) or to aid others with such growth. Magic is the energy of potential. It is our – to use a yoga term – our Prana, the life force or breath. It is what makes us alive and unique. Without our Prana, without this breath, we cannot exist. This energy is everything – planets, stars, plants, animals, insects, deities, and Higher Powers. To use a geeky Sci Fi term, it is the Force. It flows through all living and inorganic things. Within each one of us we have been gifted the spark of divinity thanks to Prometheus, Coyote, Raven, and many other gods and goddesses who stole from their brethren this spark or flame to share with humanity. Some lifetimes our destiny or job is just to maintain this spark, to keep it unconsciously tended, while in other lifetimes we are very aware of this spark or flame and we work on growing this flame, to deepen within us our own potential and personal connection with divinity or Higher Power.

The seed of my potential sits simultaneously within myself and whatever deity I am working with at that moment.

For my growth and potential I have found the study of magic, the study and practice of ritual, yoga, meditation, the writings of Carl Jung and his descriptions of the collective unconscious and archetypes to be the tools I need for my tending of this flame or spark. This practice of finding and maintaining my spark can be as simple as a daily ritual of filling up my Hestia lamp with oil and lighting it in the morning. It can be as mundane as cooking a meal for my family or an ill friend. Sometimes it is the planning and running of a ritual to celebrate a pagan holy day. This learning to connect with my Higher Self, my Atman, is a process of self-study and personal growth. It is learning how to embrace my flaws  so I may better see my own potential to grow. It is learning to trust my own intuition and insight so I may learn to hear the whispers of an herb or gem. My spark does not grow so much into a plant or tree but more into an understanding of how I can share the various energies or potentials within plants, rocks, or gems to further my own personal growth and to help others.

This is magic to me – understanding myself and my connection to divinity, to learn to see the energy of potential and to try to make the world a better place each day.


And Hope?

What is magick? Read the parable of the 5 Blind Men and the Elephant. That’s what magick is.